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Online Strategy

What's your online web strategy? Haven't thought about it or not sure how to answer the question. No worries! We have you covered.

Your online strategy is the foundation upon which your web presence is built. So to make sure that your online presence meets your strategybusiness needs, we focus our efforts to:

  • Review your business goals, objectives, and your competitive position
  • Document your current situation, conduct a gap analysis, and make recommendations to get you to where you want to be
  • Create a strategy that aligns business goals, satisfies customer needs, and strategically positions your business for short and long term success

Understanding your business, your goals and your objectives means more to us than just reading your mission statement. It means having open communication, right from the start. We understand the web, so we will ask the right questions to help you to clarify and refine your business goals to meet your online marketing requirements. We will do this together by accurately determining:

  • who your audience is
  • what they want
  • when they want it
  • where they search for it
  • why they would choose you over your competitors

How do we obtain all this great information? We listen to you. We don't automatically tell you what you need to do or use a templated approach. Each business is unique, and we approach every project with the correct process to develop a blue print from which all creative, development and marketing tasks can be executed and measured.